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The Power of Context

Many of us disempower ourselves by comparing ourselves with others, keeping around old conversations, or not meeting our own or others’ expectations. We might explore any of the thousands of books, videos, and seminars on success—how to get ahead, how to gain an edge. While we might learn some useful tools and see improvements, this occurs inside of an existing context—of which we are often unaware.

If you consider the premise that life happens inside of the context we hold, what becomes apparent is that those contexts shape what we think we can and can’t do. Just as these default contexts can keep us limited and stuck, created or invented contexts can allow for freedom, power, and success.

This seminar does not offer a set of tips and tools for being successful. Rather, you’ll create a new context that allows for sustained performance and a platform for generating a whole new level of success. This seminar is for people who are out to extend the boundaries of what they know is possible.

Prerequisite: Completion of The Landmark Forum and one other Seminar series OR The Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Programme.