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A University of Southern California Case Study: Transforming the Network of Conversations in BHP New Zealand Steel

The University of Southern California Marshall Business School published a case study that focuses on the impact of Vanto Group's [Landmark's] work at BHP New Zealand Steel.

During a period of several months, BHP New Zealand management asked Vanto Group to construct a consulting engagement that would result in much stronger teams and working relationships in the company, as well as greater ownership within the BHP workforce. The specific goal was an intervention that would complement other initiatives under way, including process improvement, reorganizations, and training on rational decision making. The Vanto Group change process was a critical part of an integrated change process that New Zealand Steel created and accelerated.

The set of interventions in the organization produced impressive measurable results:

  • Safety performance improved 50%
  • Key benchmark costs were reduced 15-20%
  • Return on capital increased by 50%
  • Raw steel produced per employee rose 20%

Leaders in BHP New Zealand Steel assert that Vanto Group's engagement helped people throughout the organization to change who they were being at work—a shift that galvanized the workforce around a new vision of the future that continues to this day.

USC's Marshall School of Business prepares cases to serve as a basis for classroom discussion rather than to illustrate effective or ineffective handling of an administrative setting. These cases do not in any way constitute an endorsement or statement of official position, positive or negative, regarding their subject matter.

From the Study
“There are many people at New Zealand Steel who say that The Landmark course… helped them transform themselves on the job. It was the catalyst that altered the aspects of people’s relations that nothing else could have altered.”
Malcolm Burns
Managing Director
BHP New Zealand Steel

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